Times Like Dying

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I recently took part in a table read at City Stage in Wilmington, NC at the behest of actor friend, Tony Reynolds. Tony, along with some of his friends and associates is putting his heart into this 20-minute narrative short film which is set in the Post-Civil War South.

This ambitious short showcases some powerful storytelling as it depicts the Dixon clan who are caught in a life and death struggle. It shows, in a gut-wrenching way, the impact of choices made in the heat of the moment.  With some really talented cast and crew signed on so far, the project promises to be something really special.

I urge you to check out this campaign for “Times Like Dying”! Please share this and help these talented people make this possible.


Jim Cody Williams - (as Percy Dixon)

Mark Jeffrey Miller - (as Amos Dixon)

Anthony Reynolds - (as Shepherd Chilcoat)

Shon Blotzer - Producer/Writer

Evan Vetter - Director/Writer

Anthony Reynolds - Producer/Writer

Parrish Stikeleather - Writer


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