Sleepy Hollow Returns Monday to Fox 9pm ET.

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The wildly popular Wilmywood-made show Sleepy Hollow, starring Tom Mison and Orlando Jones, promises to grip viewers with even more terrific moments of demonic possession and good versus evil struggles of Ichabod Crane and ensemble. After a month hiatus, the show will return Monday with an episode that Jones says will tie together a lot of story lines in preparation for the Jan 20th 2-hour season finale. Jones performs a sort of  T’ai chi in social media as he engages his twitter fans. The fans are all but begging to learn if he will live on into the second season or not as he dances around their questions.

Fox head Kevin Reilly, who calls Nielsen ratings “outdated”, favoring a fresh vista inclusive of  other platforms like Hulu video on demand, suggests that the show’s 2nd season will be longer than 13 episodes… perhaps up to 15. Although he told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour on Jan. 13, he feels that “It’s better for the audience’s attention and focus to do shorter orders” and added, “Many dramas are better creatively on a shorter order pattern.”

Well, we shall see what Sleepy Hollow has in store for Wilmywood. I’m thinking the more the merrier, and you?

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