Eastbound and Down is back in town!

| April 9, 2013 | 4 Comments

Eastbound and Down is back in town! The comedy starring Danny McBride has been renewed for a forth season and has opened offices at EUE Screengems. HBO has ordered eight additional episodes and should begin filming in May. This is good news for Wilmywood as there were rumors floating that the third season would be it’s last.  ”We’ve always imagined this thing as something that we would keep short and not give it a chance to get old,” executive producer and star McBride told fans at PaleyFest this year.


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  1. Terre Schiffman says:

    I would love to hear more about the filming of Eastbound and Down. I have experience in 3 movies and 1 commercial. Let me know if I could audition for a part or I would even be an extra. My parents have a home at F8I, so accommodations wouldn’t be a problem!

    Terrie H. Schiffman

  2. Kelsey Kopec says:

    I am also seeking casting information. I am currently working with Under The Dome and Banshee as background. I am interested in auditioning or extra casting.

    Kelsey Kopec

    • larry w jefferson sr says:

      Hello my name is larry w jefferson sr. I.am ready as well to work in films. I have worked many as an extra , standin, looka like, stunt work. Voice. Need to connect.

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