BREAKIRON Animation & Design, LLC

Today, 3D and visual effects are essential for reaching your audience. You need an experienced team of talented artists to make your vision a reality. They should quickly understand your project and work efficiently within your budget.

BREAKIRON Animation&Design, LLC, is a high-end, full-service animation, visual effects and 3D graphics company. At BREAKIRON, we pride ourselves on our excellent reputation as a key contributor to successful television, film, Web, industrial and corporate projects. Our versatility and low overhead allow us to cover a broad spectrum of projects and meet virtually any need—even when cost is a concern. We’re on target, on time and on budget. We handle large or small jobs by scaling to suit the project and deadline, and we often over-deliver. We’re experienced team players, but we can lead effectively when needed.

BREAKIRON Animation&Design, LLC has been in the industry since 2001.

Jill Hammergren

25 years experience writing, producing, planning, promoting, directing and managing events, content, special projects, sponsorships and fundraisers in the media, for corporations, organizations and individuals. Award-winning video, film and animation producer. Adept at resourcing all support needs for large media events, video and animation productions, and photo shoots. Excels at improving client relations, creating public awareness and enhancing corporate images and messages. Expertise in video, film, television, radio, news, print, outdoor, and out-of-home media buying research and placement. Creative, resourceful, organized, detail- and deadline-oriented. Excellent written and oral communicator. A self-directed, dedicated problem-solver and proven leader, who guides, builds and empowers teamwork. Proficient at researching, analyzing information and incorporating logical reasoning before acting.

Jill Hammergren has been in the industry since 1986.


Michael McQueen
I’m genetically created to be a sound guy. Tall, skinny and quick, with a strong back to boot. Confidence with skills thanks to 10+ years of experience in film, commercial, sports, documentary, episodic reality and more. I travel easy and fast with a quick ENG bag kit with all top of the line gear with ability to record with timecode and to hop to camera wirelessly. I have a look of 110% serious business, but I swear I’m fun! My contact info is to your left and you can check my blog/site out at
Michael McQueen has been in the industry since 2001.



William Wall  704-458-9448 –


  • 6’4″ 227 lbs.
  • Entire childhood in Tae Kwon Do
    Trained by Belvin Eaves (2 time World Champion)
  •  Very proficient in Archery
    15 years’ experience, JOAD Program
  • Can run a mile in under 10 minutes
    Personal best
  • Trained a year in Ninjutsu
  •  Forklift experience
  • Licensed to operate sit down riders, stand up riders and cherry picker forklifts


wilwall1THStunt Skills

  • Fight Scenes
  • Western-European (Street Fights, Bar Room Brawls)
  • Ground Falls
  • Fire Burns
  • Capable of standing in as a safety