Becker’s Farm

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AbeckBecker’s Farm, which may begin filming in North Carolina in late July, follows the story of Helmut Sommerfield who is a German prisoner of war during WWII transferred to a POW camp in Nebraska. A hopeless Helmut, dreams of an ordinary life of freedom, love and work in his trade.  Thought to have been killed, he arises from the ashes of a barn fire with a new identity in rural Nebraska.

Directed by Mark Roemmich, the drama may begin filming in North Carolina from late July to early October. Produced by Mark Roemmich and executive produced by Debi Roemmich and Don Driftmier, the film is being brought to the screen by Noble House Entertainment Pictures and Collaboration Entertainment.

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Spencer Treat Clark … Rupert
Rachel Blanchard … Laureli Schmidt
Jeffrey Pierce … Helmut Sommerfield
Chad Lindberg … Adam Becker
Joan Severance … Mrs. Schmidt
Ed Lauter … Mr. McCloud
Pasha D. Lychnikoff … Carl
Bill Smitrovich … Henry Schmidt
Jack Scalia … Major Reed
Stelio Savante … Wilhelm

North Carolina Locations:

Huntersville, North Carolina, USA
(Rural Hill Plantation)
Monroe, North Carolina, USA
Spencer, North Carolina, USA
(Train Museum)

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